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Boarding Rates (determined by weight)

Effective May 24th, 2023, our rates will be as follows:


$25 -- Cats (includes litter)

$33 -- Small dogs (20 lbs. and under)

$34 -- Medium dogs (21 to 45 lbs.)

$36 -- Large dogs (46 to 85 lbs.)

$37 -- Extra-large dogs (86 lbs. and over)

$1 Daily Owner Food Fee

$1 Daily Medication Fee

We feed Prescription Purina Veterinary EN Diet for gastroenteric problems; so that changing foods from yours to ours is not a tummy problem for your dog. This food is included in your daily rate. We feed cats our Purina Pro Plan EN for Cats.

Additional fees such as special handling and cancellation fees may apply.

Check out time for boarding is 1 PM.

Any pet staying past check out time will be charged for that day.

  • Your pet is welcome to stay with us all day, but if they are picked up between 4-5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays they will be charged for that day. When you board over a weekend you are charged for both Saturday and Sunday since pickup is between 6-7pm on Sunday. 

Bringing medication: $1 Daily medication fee

  • The Department of Agriculture now requires that all pharmaceutical medications come to us in their original bottles. Labels should have the dog's full name, medication name, dosage, and frequency of administering. We are happy to arrange them in a medincine box, but we must have original container. 

  • Supplements are welcome as long as they are clearly labeled with the dog's full name and dosage/frequency. They do fall under the daily medication fee as well. This includes supplements such as Cosequin, CBD, and Fortiflora to name a new. 

Bringing your own food: $1 Daily Food fee

  • We ask that you bring all food from home in labeled and portioned Ziploc bags. If Fido eats one cup of food in the morning and evening, we ask that you bring one bag  with his morning portion and one bag with his evening portion for each day of his stay.

  • While we understand it is convenient to bring your dogs food bin from home, unfortunately we do not have the space for every boarders container or bin. We ask that you bring all food in portioned bags and bring just enough food to last the duration of your stay with an extra day or two at most. This applies to both cats & dogs.

Bringing items for your pet:  Please bring all additional items in labeled bags.

  • Both toys and treats are welcome at no additional charge. We ask for durable and  intact toys,  as shredded or ripped toys can pose safety risk for your pet. The only treats we do not allow are rawhide and rawhide alternatives for safety reasons as well. 

  • We do not accept beds or blankets from home. Veterinarian-recommended Kuranda beds are provided for each boarder and kennel-provided blankets are available upon request. 

  • We kindly as for no glass or ceramic containers or bowls. We provide stainless steel food bowls and water buckets that are cleaned and sanitized daily. 

Boarding Spaces/Group Play:

  • Families with more than one dog can request that they board together or separately. We often board dogs of the same families next door and they go on their outings together.

  • Each boarder has their own individual indoor/outdoor run with a size-appropriate raised Kuranda bed and stainless steel water bucket. The inside area is climate controlled with both air conditioning and heat. A guillotine-style door that the staff controls leads to the outside run that is approximately 3 times the size of the indoor portion. 

  • In addition to the indoor/outdoor style run, each boarder gets a minimum of three outings into the large yards per day where they can play with the staff and exercise. 

Daycare Rates:

(are determined by weight)

$15 -- Cats (All inclusive, our food/owner food, litter)

$23 -- Small dogs (20 lbs. and under)

$24 -- Medium dogs (21 to 45 lbs.)

$25 -- Large dogs (46 to 85 lbs.)

$26 -- Extra-large dogs (86 lbs. and over)

Check out time is between 4-5 PM.

Here at Bed & Bone, we do not currently offer group-play for daycare. Daycare is very similar to a day of boarding, with each dog having their own indoor/outdoor run and participating in the three outings a day.

Vaccination Requirements:

All pets in our care are required to have a current vaccination report on file that has been administered by a licensed veterinarian. 

For dogs we require a current Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper-Parvo vaccines. It is not required, but we also recommend a Canine Influenza vaccine. 

For our feline friends we require a Rabies vaccine, Feline-Leukemia vaccine, and FVCRP vaccine.



If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out! We look forward to seeing you!









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